Meet the Parents

December 30, 2006 at 3:44 am (Rabbit)

Oh yeah, I forgot. You haven’t met Winston and Chloe yet. Well, here they are. Baby-mama and Baby-daddy.

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Meet the Babies

December 30, 2006 at 2:55 am (Rabbit)

Winston and Chloe have had babies. We have 6 young ‘uns. Very very cute. Chloe did not feed them well at first. They started getting wrinkly. I supplemented them by feeding with goat’s milk and Pedialyte. Once I had them a little more hydrated, I took the nest box out and held Chloe down in it while the babies nursed. I think that did the trick. She didn’t have milk at first, but I think the nursing babies stimulated it to let down. The next time I forceably made her nurse, she had plenty of milk. That was 4 days ago. Even though I’ve never seen her nurse, the babies continue to be fat and are growing amazingly fast. They say it’s not abnormal to never see a doe nurse her babies, as she, in the wild, would want to keep predators far away from her nest.

bunnies one week” alt=”up close baby” />

1 week close up” alt=”One Baby” />

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