DIY Needle Project

January 18, 2008 at 2:27 am (Knit)

O.k. not exactly, totally DIY. More like a DIY modification. I bought an 11 pair set of straight bamboo needles on eBay, but I didn’t read the listing carefully, because they were 13 inchers. I would have bought the anyway because I got them for so cheap. I need more bamboos b/c I’m flying at the end of the month and I read that bamboo needles are more likely to go through security.


When I unwrapped them, I started to wonder if I could shorten them. So I pulled at the caps of one pair, and with a little bit of work, they came right off.

So I gathered my tools: a tape measure, a pair of PVC pipe cutters, pencil, wood glue, and paper plate.


I measured and marked the needles. Snapped of the excess with the cutters.


Dipped the ends in wood glue and stuck them back on.


Viola! It took all of about 8 minutes, including gathering the supplies and camera. I’m not going to cut them all yet, but wait and see what I need and cut them if needed, as needed.


Thanks to my husband for having all his tools in the dining room, where I could easily find the cutters and wood glue. ; { It made the project go so much faster.


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That for Which There is not That Much Interesting to Show

January 15, 2008 at 2:25 am (Knit)

(Yoda wrote my title.)

Did some housekeeping stuff today. I enjoyed it, but nothing much to look at. Took a needle inventory and entered it into Ravlery. Sanded some circs that I bought off of eBay that came with some sort of sticky finish. Bought some cabinet handles at Home Depot.

Oh yeah, and my new online column, “A Moveable Feast” is up at Airstream Also, be sure to check newstands and bookstores in February for my article on Farmer’s Markets.

Here’s a preview of something handspun and yummy:


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Polar Nights

January 5, 2008 at 2:27 am (Yarn)

Here is some new yardage I’ve spun. It’s Corriedale singles that are super soft and I love the wintry colors right now.


On a different and yet related note, I will be going to Lake Tahoe at the end of the month for my brother’s wedding. I’m looking forward to it, and to visiting any LYSs while I’m there. My family wants me to bring whatever stash I have for them to borrow and wear. I don’t know if I can fit all that into a suitcase, so I’m going to try to make a few new special pieces. I’ll keep you posted.

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