A Good Thrifting

January 11, 2009 at 3:25 am (Knit)

We had a good day at the thrift stores today.  Well, I am cheating a bit — I hit one of the stores on Tuesday — lots of sweaters.  Most of them I intend to unravel and respin, but I bought a few to felt and cut up as well.  I also had fun posing the sweaters to photograph.

This sweater is from Les Copains; I believe it is from France because of the way the tag looked.   It is 85% wool, 5% cashmere, 5% silk, and 5% angora.  Even though he’s French,, this one is saying, “whaddup, G?”

DSC02687.JPG by you.

This is Banana Republic, 82% wool, 10% cashmere, 8%angora.  “Heeeayy”

DSC02688.JPG by you.

Beautfiul pink J. Crew, 100% lambswool.  The sleeves are oddly long, though.  I wonder what that’s about. “Me bought sweater for Jane.”

DSC02690.JPG by you.

This was THE find of the day.  John Ashford, 100% cashmere, double ply, in an absolutely stunning shade of crimson red.  “Would you like to dance?”

DSC02693.JPG by you.

Gap, 100% wool.  Nothing spectacular about this except the yarn is a good sturdy medium-weight.  The taupe and eggplant colors did not show up well in the photo.  I plan to unravel this one and ply it again, possibly with a cashmere.  “Care to go fro a pint after the Rugby match, mate?”

Thrifty Sweaters by you.

And this quartet from my secret shop.  Clockwise from top, a cotton, striped Tommy, a pink cotton from Yarnworks, an Old Navy cotton and silk cabled shrug, and a wool, cashmere, and acrylic from Liz Claiborne, proving that even the big fashion houses still have problems with color pooling.

DSC02692.JPG by you.

This one is John Ashford, 100% cashmere.  “Put your hands in the air, like you don’t care.”


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